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Join the Northside Merchants Association
and help keep our sidewalks clean!


We’ve all seen it: trash cans on every corner overflowing with garbage, food and litter on the streets and sidewalks, the overwhelming stink of trash baking in the summer sun. Over the past few years, summer weekends have turned our community into a dumping ground and despite the efforts of many, it seems to just get worse and worse.

The NMA is working with local businesses, residents, and community groups to launch a new program that will keep our sidewalks clean this summer. As part of the Keep Williamsburg Clean Program, we will:

  • Lobby for bigger and better trash cans that won’t blow over in the slightest breeze

  • Hire a summer sidewalk cleaning crew to sweep, bag, and dispose of trash along Bedford Avenue N. 6th Street, and N. 11th Street on Saturdays and Sundays over the summer

Support our efforts
and support your community!

For businesses, you can join the NMA for a little more than the cost of one sanitation ticket--that is only $150 for clean streets all summer long!

For residents, what is the value or clean sidewalks as you walk through your community? Name your own donation and help keep our community beautiful!

To join, please contact Caitlin Dourmashkin at 718-388-7287 x116 or cdourmashkin@ewvidco.com or donate now. All donations are tax deductable!

Join the NMA Now for $150

Or mail in a check (made out to EWVIDCO) to:

Northside Merchants Association
11 Catherine Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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