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Sky-high utility bills got you down?  Our trained managers can help your firm take advantage of a variety of programs aimed at reducing your utility costs and usage.  Cost saving programs and low-interest loans can help fund the cost of energy audits and purchase of more energy-efficient machinery.  Contact us for more information.

Energy Cost Savings Program
Business Incentive Rate
Gross Receipts Tax Credit
Sales Tax Refund/Exemption
Energy Efficient Commercial Improvement Program
NYSERDA Programs


Energy Cost Savings Program (ECSP)
ECSP reduces regulated electricity and natural gas costs by 45% and 35% respectively. Firms must either relocate out of targeted areas of the City or occupy space in buildings that have been approved for ICIP or IDA benefits and improve their property by at least 10% of its assessed value. Companies moving into the City from outside the City are also eligible for benefits. The benefit is for 8 years followed by a 4 year phase out. Firms that manage and operate businesses within NYC or Empire State owned buildings which have been improved by 10% of assessed value may also qualify. Hotels and retail firms are ineligible. For more information visit: http://www.nyc.gov/html/sbs/nycbiz/html/incentives/ecsp.shtml.
To access an application visit:

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Business Incentive Rate (BIR)
Businesses that reoccupy vacant commercial or industrial buildings or move into newly constructed buildings may qualify for reduced electric rates. BIR reduces the delivery components of electricity bills by 30-35 percent. Administered jointly between EDC and Con Edison and has a term of five years.
For more information visit:

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Gross Receipts Tax Credit
Industrial companies may take a tax credit for amounts paid to their electric, gas and steam utilities for gross receipts and related taxes. These taxes comprise approximately 3.4% of a business’s electric, gas and steam utility bill. The credit may be applied to corporate or individual tax filers.
To access an application  visit:

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Sales Tax Exemption for Manufacturers
NYC businesses are entitled to an exemption from the 8.25% City and State sales tax on purchases of electricity, fuel oil, natural gas and steam used directly and exclusively in the manufacturing, processing or assembling of tangible personal property for sale.
To access an application visit:

Reclaiming Sales Taxes Previously Paid
Manufactures that have paid taxes on energy purchases are eligible to apply for a rebate of overpaid taxes. The business must file an “Application for Credit or Refund of Sales or Use Tax” (AU-11) with the NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance.  Refunds are available for taxes paid within the last three years.
To access an application visit:

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Energy Efficient Commercial Improvement Program
Commercial owners are eligible for a deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot by making major energy saving improvements to a property's lighting, hot water, and HVAC systems during 2006 and 2007. Upgrading insulation, metal roofs, and exterior doors and windows also count towards this deduction. This program is administered by the Empire State Development Corp.

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NYSERDA Programs
The New York State Energy Reduction Authority offers a variety of programs to help NYS businesses and residents reduce their energy usage.  Click here for more information.

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RenewableNY provides technical assistance, grants and financing to manufacturing companies in New York City to implement energy efficiency projects.  Funding is limited and awarded at the discretion of NYIRN.

RenewableNY connects manufacturers with local energy contractors who design and install custom, cost-effective systems.  Projects are designed to access all available city, state, and federal subsidies. The program assists companies to obtain an energy audit, competitively bid projects, and manage project installation.

Funding is available for energy efficient projects such as:

  • solar energy systems (photovoltaics)
  • energy efficient lighting
  • energy efficient HVAC systems
  • equipment sensors and controls
  • cogeneration (combined heat and power)
  • other energy efficient technologies

To be eligible for funding, a company must:

  • Be located in New York City (five boroughs)
  • Manufacture or do product assembly on site
  • Have a minimum of 10 employees
  • Own its own space or have at least 4 years remaining on its lease 

To receive funding, a company must:

  • Complete an application form, including a letter of commitment 
  • Pay 20% of the total project cost
  • Provide energy bills for 1 year prior and post the project
  • Commit to staying in NYC for 4 years after completion of the project

Funding is tailored to the needs of each company to help it achieve a reasonable return on its investment.  Criteria for funding include estimated energy savings, number of employees, and the leverage of private and public financing.

Recommended contractors have entered into a referral arrangement with NYIRN for the provision of services to grantees under NYIRN's RenewableNY program.  Grantees are not obligated to select from these contractors and are free to use any contractor of their choice.

For more information and funding inquiries, please contact Tzipora Lubarr at tlubarr@nyirn.org or 212-404-6990 x 16.   


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