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Mission and History

EWVIDCO is a membership organization that promotes the development and retention of production, manufacturing and industrial service businesses thus improving neighborhoods in North Brooklyn and surrounding communities. We connect businesses with resources and opportunities to maximize their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In 1982, a handful of local business owners worked with St. Nicholas to create EWVIDCO to revitalize East Williamsburg by attracting new businesses, providing business assistance to existing firms and grow overall job opportunities in the neighborhood.  Initially, EWVIDCO worked to achieve its mission of economic development by addressing the high crime and poor sanitation affecting the area and serving as a liaison to government offices. 

Currently, EWVIDCO manages the NYC Greenpoint-Williamsburg and North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zones and the North Brooklyn Empire Zone. Through the NYC Industrial Business Zone (IBZ) program, EWVIDCO is responsible for meeting the business service needs of over 300 industrial businesses in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg Industrial Business Zone and Ombudsman Zone and over 700 industrial businesses in the North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone and Ombudsman Zone.  These businesses, which employ over 15,000 residents, depend on EWVIDCO for free, quick and reliable assistance with tax credits, incentives, financing, real estate and relocation assistance, energy and green issues, workforce needs, and advocacy.  In 2010 EWVIDCO obtained $4,900,000 in financing for 10 local firms.  Additionally, staff helped 15 companies obtain 20 different city and state incentives.  We placed 12 employees in jobs and successfully maintained 13,200 square feet of affordable industrial space to retain manufacturing jobs in our community.

EWVIDCO provides these services in concert with public agencies (NYC Department of Small Business Services, NYS Empire State Development Corporation, NYC Workforce One Centers) nonprofit organizations (New York Industrial Retention Network, Industrial and Technical Assistance Corporation, St. Nick's Alliance, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow) and community organizations (Community Board 1 in Brooklyn, where an EWVIDCO staff member sits as a voting member).









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